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The Pod / A Vagem

English: THE POD The cocoa pod is a vessel, nature’s womb for the cocoa bean. Unlike money, it grows on (some unique) trees. The cacao tree, Theobroma Cacao, grows in the tropics within 20 degrees of latitude from the equator. The pods grow directly from the tree branches and trunk. The cocoa beans are cocooned inside the cocoa pod. Each pod contains a sweet white pulp with anything between 20 to 60 cocoa beans, depending on the variety. Cocoa is a delicate crop sensitive to sun and wind and vulnerable to pests and diseases. The cocoa farmers nurture the trees generally in small farms in some tropical regions of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Unlike sugar, that is cheap to mass produce in a variety of climate and regions from sugar beet or cane, cocoa is a peculiar crop with elaborate harvesting and processing. It is very important to know how much cocoa is in your chocolate… unless you like chocolate flavoured sugar products. Many self-proclaimed chocoholics are in reality “sugarholics”. Criollo, Forastero and …

Tartufo Bianco d’Alba

English: TARTUFO BIANCO D’ALBA – White Truffle There is serious sniffing by chefs and truffle aficionados at the Alba International White Truffle Fair in the Italian town of Alba, in Piedmont. This ‘diamond’ of the culinary world takes great expertise to find in the wild beneath the surface of the soil among the roots of certain species of trees. Traditional truffle hunting was done by female pigs drawn to the truffles due to a compound in the truffles that resembles a pheromone produced by boars. Truffle dogs, used today, have to be trained to detect truffles, but they are easier to control and less likely to eat the truffles they find. Ancient Romans believed truffles had divine powers and aphrodisiacal properties. The ancient Roman cookbook Apicius compiles truffle recipes from texts dating as far back as the 1st century. The winter white truffle of Alba has an intense aroma and is mostly used uncooked to best preserve the fragrance. These are very rare truffles that can only be hunted and harvested in the wild and …

Studio / Atelier

English: STUDIO It takes a lot of time, focus and dedication to develop artisanship. The artisan masters a kraft by understanding and respecting the elements and ingredients. At the Anjinho Studio science sides with traditional know-how. Time tested knowledge and contemporary understanding. Artisan traditions in the 21st century.   Português: ATELIER É necessário muito tempo, concentração e dedicação para o desenvolvimento de um ofício artesanal. O artesão maneja o método através do entendimento e respeito pelos elementos e ingredientes. No Atelier do Anjinho a ciência faz parceria com o conhecimento tradicional. Conhecimento testado pelo tempo e compreensão contemporânea. Tradições artesãs no século XXI.


English: GOBI DESERT Time stands still in the Khongoryn Els sand dunes. It’s an unforgettable experience climbing to the top of these giant sand dunes. The ‘singing sands’ whistle with the blowing wind. The wind shapes the dunes into elegant curved and sharp edges and patterns. The 360 degree view of the Gobi desert’s vastness makes us feel minuscule. The Bactrian camels have adapted to the fierce environment of Mongolia’s Gobi desert. They have a ‘coat’ that protects them in winter and falls away with the warmer climate in summer. Temperatures are extreme, ranging from −40 °C in winter to 40 °C in summer. Beyond the dunes the bare landscape is rocky with sparse vegetation and limited water sources. These majestic animals have an impressive adaptability to the most inhospitable environments of hight mountains and freezing steppes and deserts. They were essential for the Silk Road caravans that crossed Asia.   Português: DESERTO DO GOBI O tempo estagna nas dunas de Khongoryn Els. É uma experiência inesquecível escalar até ao topo destas dunas gigantes. A ‘areia cantante’ …

Crazy House / Casa Maluca

English: CRAZY HOUSE Sometimes in architecture the technical aspect serves the artistic in such a way that it levitates the structure into a realm of quasi fantasy. The Hằng Nga house, affectionately called the ‘Crazy House’, in Da Lat Vietnam, has that quality. Its surrealism, organic shapes and expressionism makes the visitor feel inside a tridimensional fairy tale world.   Português: CASA MALUCA Às vezes em arquitectura a tecnicalidade serve a expressão artística de tal forma que o resultado é uma elevação da estrutura para um mundo quase imaginário. A casa Hằng Nga, carinhosamente apelidada ‘Casa Maluca’, em Da Lat no Vietnam, tem essa qualidade. As suas formas orgânicas, surrealismo e expressionismo fazem o visitante sentir-se dentro de um mundo fictício tridimensional.

Wild Truffles / Trufas Selvagens

English: WILD TRUFFLES The “Wild Truffles” range invokes ancient worlds and plays with nature’s ingredients in pure form. There is the Indus Truffle, the Quechua Truffle, the Phoenicia Truffle and the Aztec Truffle. Naturally sweetened with no added sugar and full of unaltered whole ingredients rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Made with 100% cocoa goodness. A healthy boost for a busy day.   Português: TRUFAS SELVAGENS A gama “Trufas Selvagens” invoca mundos antigos e incorpora ingredientes da natureza em estado puro. Há a Trufa Indus, a Trufa Quechua, a Trufa Phoenicia e a Trufa Aztec. Adocicadas naturalmente sem adição de açúcar e cheias de ingredientes integrais ricos em fibra, vitaminas e minerais. Feitas com 100% cacau puro. Um estímulo saudável para um dia activo.

Sea Celebration / Festejo do Mar

English: SEA CELEBRATION South Koreans are passionate about seafood. Their appreciation of what the sea offers is a serious and respected activity. The seafood markets are a great theatre of the traditions of handling the sensitive ‘fruits of the sea’ in a fine balance with modern technology. Sitting around a table sharing seafood with South Koreans is like opening a cultural window into this distinctive north Asian nation. The South Koreans are amongst the greatest aficionados of the sea ingredients. Fun loving and outgoing, they are also always ready to celebrate!   Português: FESTEJO DO MAR Os sul-coreanos adoram marisco e peixe e têm uma grande apreciação e respeito pelo que o mar oferece. Os mercados pesqueiros são um grande teatro das tradições de manuseamento dos sensíveis ‘frutos do mar’ com um uso refinado de novas tecnologias. Sentar à volta da mesa partilhando marisco com sul-coreanos é como abrir uma janela cultural desta nação do norte da Ásia. Os sul-coreanos são dos povos mais fascinados com os ingredientes do mar. Extrovertidos, festivos e amantes do …

Artisans Angkor

English: ARTISANS ANGKOR Empowering people with their own means of raising their quality of life is a sustainable form of development. When an enterprise does that and also revives ancient crafts and skills it becomes a transformative process that dignifies local culture and contributes to a much more diversified and interesting ‘global village’. Learn and get inspired with Artisans Angkor. Stone sculptors, weavers, silk painters, woodcarvers, silversmiths… meeting these Cambodian artisans completes the full experience of a visit to Cambodia’s World Heritage Angkor complex. It’s Khmer culture alive in the 21st century. These Cambodian artisans prove that is possible to be ancient in a modern world. Check the photos below of our visit to their workshops.   Português: ARTISANS ANGKOR Potencializar pessoas com meios próprios para elevar a sua qualidade de vida é uma forma de desenvolvimento sustentável. Quando um empreendimento alcança esse resultado e ao mesmo tempo revitaliza competências artísticas e artesanais antigas torna-se num processo transformativo que contribui para uma ‘aldeia global’ muito mais diversificada e interessante. Aprenda e inspire-se com Artisans Angkor. …

What’s first? / O que é primeiro?

English: WHAT’S FIRST? It’s beyond the point what is first, the chocolate chicken or the chocolate egg. The question is: How good is the chocolate? Where do the cocoa beans come from, who cared for them, who handled, fermented, roasted, conched, tempered and developed it into a smooth flavoursome chocolate full of individual personality. Shaping it into an egg or a chicken is just a small part of the journey.   Português: O QUE É PRIMEIRO? Não importa o que é primeiro, a galinha de chocolate ou o ovo de chocolate. A questão é: Qual é a qualidade do chocolate? De onde vêm as amêndoas/grãos de cacau, quem plantou, cuidou, fermentou, torrou, fez a conchagem, temperagem e transformou o cacau num chocolate sedoso e saboroso cheio de personalidade individual. Transformar o chocolate numa galinha ou ovo é apenas uma pequena parte da jornada.