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On the move / Em movimento

English: ON THE MOVE Transportation is at the center of human activity. The way we move around has a direct input in our lifestyle and environments. In Japan, densely populated cities like Tokyo or Yokohama have synchronised urban growth with adjustments in transportation that regulates the use of public space and infrastructure in order to achieve maximum usability. One simple Japanese concept is that roads are for vehicles to move, not for parking – garages and car parks are for parking. Car stacking garage systems used in downtown hotels or suburban residencial buildings remove vehicles from public spaces, freeing the traffic flow on roads and streets. Two wheeler, three wheeler and compact passenger cars are more suitable vehicles where space is premium and, prioritising effective public transport keeps everything on the move. In the photos below you can see a selection of Japanese vehicles in use today, some classic, some contemporary, but all fit for specific purposes. Vehicle suitability is key in transportation. The Super Cub, the iconic scooter from Honda, has hardly changed since …

Crazy House / Casa Maluca

English: CRAZY HOUSE Sometimes in architecture the technical aspect serves the artistic in such a way that it levitates the structure into a realm of quasi fantasy. The Hằng Nga house, affectionately called the ‘Crazy House’, in Da Lat Vietnam, has that quality. Its surrealism, organic shapes and expressionism makes the visitor feel inside a tridimensional fairy tale world.   Português: CASA MALUCA Às vezes em arquitectura a tecnicalidade serve a expressão artística de tal forma que o resultado é uma elevação da estrutura para um mundo quase imaginário. A casa Hằng Nga, carinhosamente apelidada ‘Casa Maluca’, em Da Lat no Vietnam, tem essa qualidade. As suas formas orgânicas, surrealismo e expressionismo fazem o visitante sentir-se dentro de um mundo fictício tridimensional.

Mariazinha’s Garden / Jardim da Mariazinha

English: MARIAZINHA’S GARDEN Recycling does not necessarily mean remanufacture new materials from used ones. Reusing objects by giving it a new purpose is probably the best form of recycling. Mariazinha, in Portugal, created her expressive garden with many everyday objects destined for the bin. Creativity itself is a reusable energy. Mariazinha’s artistic flair gave her succulent plants a colourful garden full of personality.   Português: JARDIM DA MARIAZINHA Reciclar não é apenas reproduzir novos materiais de materiais usados. Reutilizar objectos dando-lhes uma nova função é talvez a melhor forma de reciclar. Mariazinha, em Portugal, criou um jardim bem expressivo com objectos que estavam destinados ao lixo. A criatividade em si é uma energia renovável. O talento artístico da Mariazinha ofereceu às suas plantas suculentas um jardim colorido cheio de personalidade.