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The Pod / A Vagem

English: THE POD The cocoa pod is a vessel, nature’s womb for the cocoa bean. Unlike money, it grows on (some unique) trees. The cacao tree, Theobroma Cacao, grows in the tropics within 20 degrees of latitude from the equator. The pods grow directly from the tree branches and trunk. The cocoa beans are cocooned inside the cocoa pod. Each pod contains a sweet white pulp with anything between 20 to 60 cocoa beans, depending on the variety. Cocoa is a delicate crop sensitive to sun and wind and vulnerable to pests and diseases. The cocoa farmers nurture the trees generally in small farms in some tropical regions of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Unlike sugar, that is cheap to mass produce in a variety of climate and regions from sugar beet or cane, cocoa is a peculiar crop with elaborate harvesting and processing. It is very important to know how much cocoa is in your chocolate… unless you like chocolate flavoured sugar products. Many self-proclaimed chocoholics are in reality “sugarholics”. Criollo, Forastero and …

Wild Truffles / Trufas Selvagens

English: WILD TRUFFLES The “Wild Truffles” range invokes ancient worlds and plays with nature’s ingredients in pure form. There is the Indus Truffle, the Quechua Truffle, the Phoenicia Truffle and the Aztec Truffle. Naturally sweetened with no added sugar and full of unaltered whole ingredients rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Made with 100% cocoa goodness. A healthy boost for a busy day.   Português: TRUFAS SELVAGENS A gama “Trufas Selvagens” invoca mundos antigos e incorpora ingredientes da natureza em estado puro. Há a Trufa Indus, a Trufa Quechua, a Trufa Phoenicia e a Trufa Aztec. Adocicadas naturalmente sem adição de açúcar e cheias de ingredientes integrais ricos em fibra, vitaminas e minerais. Feitas com 100% cacau puro. Um estímulo saudável para um dia activo.

What’s first? / O que é primeiro?

English: WHAT’S FIRST? It’s beyond the point what is first, the chocolate chicken or the chocolate egg. The question is: How good is the chocolate? Where do the cocoa beans come from, who cared for them, who handled, fermented, roasted, conched, tempered and developed it into a smooth flavoursome chocolate full of individual personality. Shaping it into an egg or a chicken is just a small part of the journey.   Português: O QUE É PRIMEIRO? Não importa o que é primeiro, a galinha de chocolate ou o ovo de chocolate. A questão é: Qual é a qualidade do chocolate? De onde vêm as amêndoas/grãos de cacau, quem plantou, cuidou, fermentou, torrou, fez a conchagem, temperagem e transformou o cacau num chocolate sedoso e saboroso cheio de personalidade individual. Transformar o chocolate numa galinha ou ovo é apenas uma pequena parte da jornada.

Wholesome / Saudável

English: WHOLESOME The cocoa bean is an amazing ingredient that reinvigorates the body and stimulates the mind. Anjinho is bringing a new nourishing chocolate experience. Slowly. Stay tuned.   Português: SAUDÁVEL O grão do cacau é um ingrediente que revitaliza o corpo e estimula a mente. O Anjinho está a introduzir uma nova experiência nutritiva de chocolate. Devagarinho. Fique atento.