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Silky / Sedoso

English: SILKY More than ever we interact with realities that are out of reach, out of our touch. Our brains are exposed to an overwhelming amount of artificial imagery in digital devices that we use daily. These experiences, virtual in nature, are real to (some) parts of our brain. The silk embroidery art of Vietnam is an ancient artistic expression. The meticulous detail of manually creating an image from fine individual threads of silk requires the art viewer’s comprehension of process. Once the process is appreciated, the visual experience rises to another level, it lights up other parts of the viewer’s brain. At the studio the silk artisan’s craft is created in the here and now, before your eyes, in real time. You can touch the smoothness, even smell the silk. The image is physical. You can feel the artisan’s artistic narrative with the fullness of your sensorial brain.   Português: SEDOSO Mais do que nunca nós interagimos com realidades que estão fora do nosso alcance, longe do nosso tacto. Os nossos cérebros estão expostos …

Carousel / Carrossel

English: CAROUSEL Anyone that remembers how much fun is to go around in a carousel can relate to being little. For a little young mind fantasy is real. This carousel in northern France has a captivating vintage realism and texture that puts a smile in the adult crowd overseeing their kids. A nostalgic smile.   Português: CARROSSEL Para quem se lembra do divertimento que é girar num carrossel é fácil de se identificar com os pequeninos. Para as crianças a fantasia é real.  A textura e realismo deste carrossel antigo no norte de França também põe um sorriso nos adultos que supervisionam as suas crianças. Um sorriso nostálgico.    

Moorish Patterns / Padrões Mouriscos

English: MOORISH PATTERNS For the focused viewer these patterns are much more than building adornments. When standing inside the tridimensional embrace of the buildings these Moorish patterns have a meditative quality in their design. Symmetries of nature and mathematics of geometry stimulate a sensation of harmony and unity in the brain. The Moors integrated beautifully the geometric pattern with the arabesques and calligraphy. A reflective symbology of the order of the natural world and the cosmos. Technical and cultural Islamic sophistication in the Iberia of the Middle Ages.   Português: PADRÕES MOURISCOS Para o observador mais focado estes padrões são muito mais que decorações. Quando se está dentro do abraço tridimensional dos edifícios estes padrões Mouriscos têm uma qualidade meditativa no seu design. Simetrias da natureza e matemáticas da geometria estimulam uma sensação de harmonia e unidade no cérebro. Os Mouros integraram com grande beleza o padrão geométrico com os arabescos e a caligrafia. Uma simbologia reflectiva da ordem do mundo natural e do cosmos. Sofisticação cultural e técnica Islâmica na Iberia da Idade Média.