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Sculpture classique de Paris

English: SCULPTURE CLASSIQUE DE PARIS The classical sculptures that adorn the gardens, buildings, monuments and museums of Paris are an essencial part of the city’s cultural and artistic expression and a 3D guide to the Parisian past.   Português: SCULPTURE CLASSIQUE DE PARIS As esculturas clássicas que decoram os jardins, edifícios, monumentos e museus de Paris são uma parte essencial da expressão cultural e artística da cidade e um guia em 3D ao passado parisiense.  

Shaping the Easter Bunny / Esculpindo o Coelhinho da Páscoa

English: SHAPING THE EASTER BUNNY The ancient Greeks thought rabbits could reproduce as virgins. Such a belief persisted until early medieval times when the rabbit became associated with the Virgin Mary, appearing in manuscripts and paintings where the Virgin Mary was depicted. Rabbits, known for their intense breeding, have traditionally symbolised fertility. A bunny was the animal symbol of Ēostre, the Saxon Goddess of fertility. The celebrations of this fertility deity by the Germanic peoples of Europe were held on the day of the spring equinox – the passing of winter and the beginning of spring. Today the bunny is a symbol of Easter, the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Easter celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, three days after he was executed, and is central to Christian theology and belief. At Easter, long-eared chocolate bunnies take over the world in various shapes and personalities. They entice the imagination of children and the child in all of us, awaiting the moment of that first bite, ears first.   Português: ESCULPINDO O COELHINHO DA …

The suicide of Lucretia / O suicídio de Lucrécia

English: THE SUICIDE OF LUCRETIA This master piece depicts the suicide of the legendary young Roman heroin Lucretia painted by Renaissance painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi in the 1530s (Collezioni Dinastiche Sabaude).   Português: O SUICÍDIO DE LUCRÉCIA Esta obra-prima retrata o suicídio de Lucrécia, lendária heroína Romana, pintada pelo pintor renascentista Giovanni Antonio Bazzi na decada de 1530 (Collezioni Dinastiche Sabaude).