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Skinny Panther / Pantera Magricela

English: SKINNY PANTHER Rich in cocoa, smoothed by milk and lightly touched by sugar this dark milk chocolate bridges the divide between dark chocolate lovers and milk chocolates aficionados. Made from a selection of single origin beans, roasted to different profiles, blended and refined by slow conching. A careful process of flavour development incorporates the milk into the cocoa soothing the full bodied taste of the cocoa with the naturally sweetened roundness of the milk. A small amount of sugar is added for balance. This chocolate reeducates the palate and challenges stereotypes. It’s healthy yet indulgent, very dark yet milk flavoured. A chocolate as cool and agile as a skinny panther.   Português: PANTERA MAGRICELA Rico em cacau, suavizado pelo leite e levemente tocado por açúcar este chocolate de leite escuro estreita a divisão entre amantes de chocolate preto e aficionados de chocolate de leite. Feito de uma seleção de grãos/amêndoas de cacau de origem única, torrados em perfis variados, combinados e refinados por conchagem lenta. O processo de desenvolvimento do sabor incorpora o leite …

Our Daily Bread / Pão Nosso de Cada Dia

English: OUR DAILY BREAD The resurgence in recent times of the sourdough bread is a positive reaction to the deterioration of the nutritional value in industrially produced breads – the fast, cheap and profitable chemical breads. Many traditional diets around the world have benefited for millennia from natural fermentation of foods for nutrition, health, food preservation and food safety. Naturally fermented bread, or sourdough, has been baked for thousands of years. The beneficial natural ferments help to foster the good bacteria in the digestive tract, gardening our internal flora. The long and slow natural fermentation of sourdough bread makes the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid and other B vitamins easier during digestion. Fibre deficiency in the modern western diet is a promoter of many illnesses. Anjinho’s sourdough has a special natural ingredient that increases the content of fibre up to 25% in some recipes. This bread nurtures and balances the digestive system. Anjinho’s Cocoa Bread (photo), one of the sourdough recipes, does all the above and treats the palate to the richness …

Wild Truffles / Trufas Selvagens

English: WILD TRUFFLES The “Wild Truffles” range invokes ancient worlds and plays with nature’s ingredients in pure form. There is the Indus Truffle, the Quechua Truffle, the Phoenicia Truffle and the Aztec Truffle. Naturally sweetened with no added sugar and full of unaltered whole ingredients rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Made with 100% cocoa goodness. A healthy boost for a busy day.   Português: TRUFAS SELVAGENS A gama “Trufas Selvagens” invoca mundos antigos e incorpora ingredientes da natureza em estado puro. Há a Trufa Indus, a Trufa Quechua, a Trufa Phoenicia e a Trufa Aztec. Adocicadas naturalmente sem adição de açúcar e cheias de ingredientes integrais ricos em fibra, vitaminas e minerais. Feitas com 100% cacau puro. Um estímulo saudável para um dia activo.