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On the move / Em movimento

English: ON THE MOVE Transportation is at the center of human activity. The way we move around has a direct input in our lifestyle and environments. In Japan, densely populated cities like Tokyo or Yokohama have synchronised urban growth with adjustments in transportation that regulates the use of public space and infrastructure in order to achieve maximum usability. One simple Japanese concept is that roads are for vehicles to move, not for parking – garages and car parks are for parking. Car stacking garage systems used in downtown hotels or suburban residencial buildings remove vehicles from public spaces, freeing the traffic flow on roads and streets. Two wheeler, three wheeler and compact passenger cars are more suitable vehicles where space is premium and, prioritising effective public transport keeps everything on the move. In the photos below you can see a selection of Japanese vehicles in use today, some classic, some contemporary, but all fit for specific purposes. Vehicle suitability is key in transportation. The Super Cub, the iconic scooter from Honda, has hardly changed since …

Sculpture classique de Paris

English: SCULPTURE CLASSIQUE DE PARIS The classical sculptures that adorn the gardens, buildings, monuments and museums of Paris are an essencial part of the city’s cultural and artistic expression and a 3D guide to the Parisian past.   Português: SCULPTURE CLASSIQUE DE PARIS As esculturas clássicas que decoram os jardins, edifícios, monumentos e museus de Paris são uma parte essencial da expressão cultural e artística da cidade e um guia em 3D ao passado parisiense.  


English: ZEN There is no purpose on getting somewhere if when we get there all we think about is getting to some other place and future moment. Life exists in the present. Reducing the present moment to insignificance, squeezed between an ever present past and an unknown future, is to live an illusory existence. Emphasis in the here and now expands the present moment into life experiences of what is really happening. Experiences felt and interacted with all the senses and sensorial brain.   Português: ZEN Não há propósito em chegar a um lugar se quando chegarmos lá tudo o que conseguimos pensar è chegar a um outro lugar e momento no futuro. A vida existe no presente. Reduzir o momento presente a insignificância, comprimido entre um passado constante e um futuro desconhecido, é viver uma existência ilusória. Pôr o ênfases no aqui e agora expande o momento presente para a vivência das experiências do que está realmente a acontecer. Experiências sentidas e interagidas com todos os sentidos e cérebro sensorial.

Shaping the Easter Bunny / Esculpindo o Coelhinho da Páscoa

English: SHAPING THE EASTER BUNNY The ancient Greeks thought rabbits could reproduce as virgins. Such a belief persisted until early medieval times when the rabbit became associated with the Virgin Mary, appearing in manuscripts and paintings where the Virgin Mary was depicted. Rabbits, known for their intense breeding, have traditionally symbolised fertility. A bunny was the animal symbol of Ēostre, the Saxon Goddess of fertility. The celebrations of this fertility deity by the Germanic peoples of Europe were held on the day of the spring equinox – the passing of winter and the beginning of spring. Today the bunny is a symbol of Easter, the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Easter celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, three days after he was executed, and is central to Christian theology and belief. At Easter, long-eared chocolate bunnies take over the world in various shapes and personalities. They entice the imagination of children and the child in all of us, awaiting the moment of that first bite, ears first.   Português: ESCULPINDO O COELHINHO DA …

Silky / Sedoso

English: SILKY More than ever we interact with realities that are out of reach, out of our touch. Our brains are exposed to an overwhelming amount of artificial imagery in digital devices that we use daily. These experiences, virtual in nature, are real to (some) parts of our brain. The silk embroidery art of Vietnam is an ancient artistic expression. The meticulous detail of manually creating an image from fine individual threads of silk requires the art viewer’s comprehension of process. Once the process is appreciated, the visual experience rises to another level, it lights up other parts of the viewer’s brain. At the studio the silk artisan’s craft is created in the here and now, before your eyes, in real time. You can touch the smoothness, even smell the silk. The image is physical. You can feel the artisan’s artistic narrative with the fullness of your sensorial brain.   Português: SEDOSO Mais do que nunca nós interagimos com realidades que estão fora do nosso alcance, longe do nosso tacto. Os nossos cérebros estão expostos …

Studio / Atelier

English: STUDIO It takes a lot of time, focus and dedication to develop artisanship. The artisan masters a kraft by understanding and respecting the elements and ingredients. At the Anjinho Studio science sides with traditional know-how. Time tested knowledge and contemporary understanding. Artisan traditions in the 21st century.   Português: ATELIER É necessário muito tempo, concentração e dedicação para o desenvolvimento de um ofício artesanal. O artesão maneja o método através do entendimento e respeito pelos elementos e ingredientes. No Atelier do Anjinho a ciência faz parceria com o conhecimento tradicional. Conhecimento testado pelo tempo e compreensão contemporânea. Tradições artesãs no século XXI.

Crazy House / Casa Maluca

English: CRAZY HOUSE Sometimes in architecture the technical aspect serves the artistic in such a way that it levitates the structure into a realm of quasi fantasy. The Hằng Nga house, affectionately called the ‘Crazy House’, in Da Lat Vietnam, has that quality. Its surrealism, organic shapes and expressionism makes the visitor feel inside a tridimensional fairy tale world.   Português: CASA MALUCA Às vezes em arquitectura a tecnicalidade serve a expressão artística de tal forma que o resultado é uma elevação da estrutura para um mundo quase imaginário. A casa Hằng Nga, carinhosamente apelidada ‘Casa Maluca’, em Da Lat no Vietnam, tem essa qualidade. As suas formas orgânicas, surrealismo e expressionismo fazem o visitante sentir-se dentro de um mundo fictício tridimensional.

Carousel / Carrossel

English: CAROUSEL Anyone that remembers how much fun is to go around in a carousel can relate to being little. For a little young mind fantasy is real. This carousel in northern France has a captivating vintage realism and texture that puts a smile in the adult crowd overseeing their kids. A nostalgic smile.   Português: CARROSSEL Para quem se lembra do divertimento que é girar num carrossel é fácil de se identificar com os pequeninos. Para as crianças a fantasia é real.  A textura e realismo deste carrossel antigo no norte de França também põe um sorriso nos adultos que supervisionam as suas crianças. Um sorriso nostálgico.    

Moorish Patterns / Padrões Mouriscos

English: MOORISH PATTERNS For the focused viewer these patterns are much more than building adornments. When standing inside the tridimensional embrace of the buildings these Moorish patterns have a meditative quality in their design. Symmetries of nature and mathematics of geometry stimulate a sensation of harmony and unity in the brain. The Moors integrated beautifully the geometric pattern with the arabesques and calligraphy. A reflective symbology of the order of the natural world and the cosmos. Technical and cultural Islamic sophistication in the Iberia of the Middle Ages.   Português: PADRÕES MOURISCOS Para o observador mais focado estes padrões são muito mais que decorações. Quando se está dentro do abraço tridimensional dos edifícios estes padrões Mouriscos têm uma qualidade meditativa no seu design. Simetrias da natureza e matemáticas da geometria estimulam uma sensação de harmonia e unidade no cérebro. Os Mouros integraram com grande beleza o padrão geométrico com os arabescos e a caligrafia. Uma simbologia reflectiva da ordem do mundo natural e do cosmos. Sofisticação cultural e técnica Islâmica na Iberia da Idade Média.