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Andalusians / Andaluzes

English: ANDALUSIANS Tartessos, Romans and Moors. These are some of the peoples that populated the Andalusian region of Spain. The Moors left a rich influence in cooking, agriculture and architecture. The assimilation of Moorish culture by Christians is central to the history of Andalusia. But like no other people the ‘Gitanos’ have influenced the Andalusian character the most. Its influence created a unique variant of integration of the Indo-Aryan migration that started from northern India over a thousand years ago. There is a depth in the Andalusian soul where elements of north Africa and south Asia blend with Iberian traits creating one of the most unique regional characters of Europe. A tri-continental symbiosis of genes, culture and way of life.   Português: ANDALUZES Tartessos, Romanos e Mouros. Estes são alguns dos povos que povoaram a região da Andaluzia em Espanha. Os Mouros deixaram uma grande influência na cozinha, agricultura e arquitetura. A assimilação da cultura mourisca pelos cristãos é de importância central na história da Andaluzia. Mas mais do que qualquer outro povo os ‘Gitanos’ …

Artisans Angkor

English: ARTISANS ANGKOR Empowering people with their own means of raising their quality of life is a sustainable form of development. When an enterprise does that and also revives ancient crafts and skills it becomes a transformative process that dignifies local culture and contributes to a much more diversified and interesting ‘global village’. Learn and get inspired with Artisans Angkor. Stone sculptors, weavers, silk painters, woodcarvers, silversmiths… meeting these Cambodian artisans completes the full experience of a visit to Cambodia’s World Heritage Angkor complex. It’s Khmer culture alive in the 21st century. These Cambodian artisans prove that is possible to be ancient in a modern world. Check the photos below of our visit to their workshops.   Português: ARTISANS ANGKOR Potencializar pessoas com meios próprios para elevar a sua qualidade de vida é uma forma de desenvolvimento sustentável. Quando um empreendimento alcança esse resultado e ao mesmo tempo revitaliza competências artísticas e artesanais antigas torna-se num processo transformativo que contribui para uma ‘aldeia global’ muito mais diversificada e interessante. Aprenda e inspire-se com Artisans Angkor. …

Kangding Kids / Crianças de Kangding

English: Han Chinese and Tibetan kids in an end of school celebration in the town of Kangding, in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The youth of two ancient and distinct cultures and peoples in the crossroads of Old Tibet and China’s Sichuan province. Português: Crianças Han Chinesas e Tibetanas numa celebração do fim do ano letivo na cidade de Kangding, na Região Autônoma Tibetana de Garzê. A juventude de duas culturas e povos milenares distintos, no cruzamento do Velho Tibete e da província Chinesa de Sichuan.